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Still Life, Food, Stop Motion, and Product Photographer Based in NYC
 New York City based Still Life photographer specializing in social media and stop motion content creation.

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New York City (NYC) and London based commercial still life photographer and director, Jenna Gang. Jenna specializes in food, beverages, accessories, cosmetics, beauty textures, fashion, and conceptual stop motion product photography and stop motion content that can used in advertising, commercial, editorial, and social media platforms.  Jenna currently splits her time between New York and Europe.

Sports Themed Animations for Lotto


I recently shot the spring still life campaign for Lotto with prop stylist Elena Horn at Street Studios in London. Lotto hired me to concept a series of images that would show off their shoes in a fun way. Each image was shot to live as a still for in store displays/magazine ads and also as stop motion animations for their socials.


I was looking to create work that felt energetic and super playful, just like their shoes. By creating sketches before the photoshoot, Lotto and the team were able to clearly see my vision. I used real photographs of the product and background textures I wanted Elena to purchase for the shoot to describe how I saw the final imagery looking.

 Still Life, Food, Stop Motion, and Product Photographer/Director Based in NYC




Photos - Jenna Gang

Styling - Elena Horn

Edits - Black Magic Studios

Digi Tech - Laura Heckford

Assistant - Blue Laybourne

Production - DMB

Studio - Street Studios