Jenna Gang Photography
Still Life, Food, Stop Motion, and Product Photographer Based in NYC
 New York City based Still Life photographer specializing in social media and stop motion content creation.

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New York City (NYC) and London based commercial still life photographer and director, Jenna Gang. Jenna specializes in food, beverages, accessories, cosmetics, beauty textures, fashion, and conceptual stop motion product photography and stop motion content that can used in advertising, commercial, editorial, and social media platforms.  Jenna currently splits her time between New York and Europe.

My Top Tutorials to Learn Still Life & Stop Motion Techniques

I’m obsessed with watching videos and listening to podcasts about photography! I’m always interested in learning more about the craft. I think it’s important to expand my skill set to constantly challenge myself to offer up my new skills to clients.

Here are some of my favorite podcasts and photography tutorials of the past couple of months:

Advanced Texture Cleanup - RGGEDU

This video has cut my retouching time in half! I now can separate wrinkles from fabric to make for easy clean ups. Highly recommend!

Dear Art Producers Podcast

It’s so fascinating to listen to what art producers are having to handle on their end to make decisions before selecting photographers for their shoot. This would be great for anyone already in the advertising industry or looking to enter in soon.

Stop Motion Kit from QubaHQ - Youtube

This quick tutorial was great in providing a preset for After Effects and walking through the steps to fake stop motion after a photo shoot.