Jenna Gang Photography
Still Life, Food, Stop Motion, and Product Photographer Based in NYC
 Cosmetic beauty textures shot by Jenna Gang. Styling by Anna Lemi. 

New York City based Still Life photographer specializing in social media and stop motion content creation.

Beauty Photography - Jenna Gang

New York City (NYC) and London based commercial still life beauty photographer and director, Jenna Gang. Jenna specializes in cosmetic product photography, beauty textures, makeup, beauty textures, cosmetic smears, food, beverages, accessories, beauty swatches, cosmetic swatches, cosmetics, beauty textures, fashion, cosmetics studio photography, cosmetic videos, and cosmetic stop motion content that can used in advertising, commercial, editorial, and social media platforms.

credits: photo- jenna gang, styling- anna lemi  description: conceptual photograph of a foundation, bronzer, an eye shadow as a beautiful cosmetic smear.

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