Jenna Gang Photography
Still Life, Food, Stop Motion, and Product Photographer Based in NYC
 photo - jenna gang, styling - ross mccullum, sets- caylah leas

New York City based Still Life photographer specializing in social media and stop motion content creation.

Off Figure Fashion Photographer - Jenna Gang

New York City (NYC) and London based commercial still life photographer and director, Jenna Gang. Jenna specializes in fashion, shoe, heels, accessories, off figure fashion, clothing brand, clothing details, jeans, clothing, commercial still life, handbags, food, beverages, cosmetics, beauty textures, and conceptual stop motion product photography that can used in advertising, commercial, editorial and social media platforms.  Jenna currently splits her time between New York and Europe.

client: amazon fashion   credits: photo- jenna gang, styling- anna lemi  description: conceptual photograph a gold pearl earrings on a blue silk background.

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